Friday, February 13, 2015

Grumpy Valentine's Day to you!

Included in Escape into Romance
Roses are red. Violets are blue.
I love writing books. I hope you like reading them, too!

Look, it's been one of those weeks: death in the family, trying to get a novel and a short story out the door, busy job, extremely slim hope of getting a date on Valentine's Day 'cuz my husband just isn't that type, blah, blah blah. Then I wake up this morning and realize... I was supposed to have published a blog about my top five Valentine's Day gifts. I'd settle for just a date to the local Mexican restaurant...

Time is precious, folks, and it is fleeting, and time spent with the ones you love is never wasted.

That being said, this is life, or it's my life, or it's this stage in my life, and as crazy and date-less as it may be at the moment, I'm content, as odd as that may sound. So, while I could dream up exotic dream-dates involving romantic destinations and air smelling of flowers, or blingy gifts that dazzle the eye (or chocolate gifts that delight the stomach), I'm not going to. Because I am, in a sense, living the dream: happy, healthy children; fantastic, loving husband; indoor dog hanging around my ankles; good job; plenty to eat in the cupboard, even if it's not all chocolate... and that's just in this temporary world. Okay... I'm starting to go off the deep end if I haven't flailed off already...

So happy Friday the 13th, and I hope your Valentines Day includes a dream/romantic date and/or gifts of flowers and chocolates, and fat flying babies circling your head and shooting arrows. I'm off to brush through my fly-aways and make sure the boys are clothed and have run a toothbrush across their teeth before dashing out the door to work...

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