Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The annual Addictive Reads Halloween promotion and blog hop is here once more, and this year's theme is favorite Halloween experiences. Through Oct. 31, you've got a chance to win a $50, $25, or $10 gift card to the winner's choice of Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or PayPal Cash by entering the Rafflecopter drawing (find the link here).

Childhood Halloweens don't stand out for me, other than the memory of my brother repeatedly dressing as a skeleton and painting his face: his go-to costume. Then there was the time I was in college and trick-or-treated in my parents' neighborhood (which I'm ashamed to admit now). I wore my high school graduation gown for my costume! Surprisingly, the homes I visited gave me candy, no questions asked, and only one lady asked me to wait a moment, walked away, and didn't come back, leaving me candy-less on her doorsteps.

As a parent with two young boys, I enjoy Halloween from a different perspective: choosing pumpkins and carving the faces my boys draw on them, making costumes as cheaply as possible, endlessly following my boys around as they trick-or-treat (the boys don't tire of trick-or-treating quickly)... and then sneaking some choice pieces of candy from the boys' stashes after we return home!

I hope you have an enjoyable and safe Halloween... and that you enjoy the Addictive Reads Halloween promotion and blog hop! If you're looking for a fun read, I've got a new short story out: Get Rid of the Gnome. It's $.99 and available here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just released: new novel & short story

I'm so excited to announce the publication of a new Jade O'Reilly novel and short story! Here are the details:

Concealed Suspicions A Jade O'Reilly Mystery

What begins as a white-collar crime investigation soon becomes deadly complicated with private investigator Jade O’Reilly on the scene.

Trouble arises when Benton Rowe, one of coastal North Carolina’s most successful businessmen and eligible bachelors, finds a local store selling embezzled merchandise from one of his shipping companies. Benton bypasses the police to find the embezzler his own way. He hires Jade to work undercover from inside his company to solve the crime.

Jade sees the case as the ideal cover to dig into Benton’s possible involvement in her father’s death. As Jade is swept into Benton’s world of penthouse apartments and fancy yachts, her boyfriend, Keith, isn’t as thrilled with Jade’s assignment. Nor are the thuggish members of Benton’s security team, one of whom appears as suspicious of Jade as she is of him. Will Jade get to the bottom of the embezzlement at Benton’s shipping industry and find dirt on Benton before she’s permanently exported?

Concealed Suspicions is the third novel in the Jade O’Reilly Mystery series by bestselling mystery author Tamara Ward. 

Buy Concealed Suspicions for $3.99

Jade O'Reilly and the Luck of the Irish(A Sweetwater Short)

  If luck is a lady, she's certainly not private investigator Jade O'Reilly. When Jade is late to work, she's punished by being assigned what may be an unsolvable case: find a missing four-leaf-clover good-luck charm before the town's St. Patrick's Day Festival. With an Irish cooking competition deadline bearing down, Jade chases clover clues while searching for the owner of a troublesome black cat that visits Jade's apartment to torture her on a nightly basis. Jade also is determined to pinpoint where her brother is spending his mornings and evenings—because it's not at his house with his wife and son who claims that "Daddy's got a secret." It's lucky uncovering secrets is Jade's specialty, even if luck itself is not.

Buy Jade O'Reilly and the Luck of the Irish for $0.99

Friday, February 13, 2015

Grumpy Valentine's Day to you!

Included in Escape into Romance
Roses are red. Violets are blue.
I love writing books. I hope you like reading them, too!

Look, it's been one of those weeks: death in the family, trying to get a novel and a short story out the door, busy job, extremely slim hope of getting a date on Valentine's Day 'cuz my husband just isn't that type, blah, blah blah. Then I wake up this morning and realize... I was supposed to have published a blog about my top five Valentine's Day gifts. I'd settle for just a date to the local Mexican restaurant...

Time is precious, folks, and it is fleeting, and time spent with the ones you love is never wasted.

That being said, this is life, or it's my life, or it's this stage in my life, and as crazy and date-less as it may be at the moment, I'm content, as odd as that may sound. So, while I could dream up exotic dream-dates involving romantic destinations and air smelling of flowers, or blingy gifts that dazzle the eye (or chocolate gifts that delight the stomach), I'm not going to. Because I am, in a sense, living the dream: happy, healthy children; fantastic, loving husband; indoor dog hanging around my ankles; good job; plenty to eat in the cupboard, even if it's not all chocolate... and that's just in this temporary world. Okay... I'm starting to go off the deep end if I haven't flailed off already...

So happy Friday the 13th, and I hope your Valentines Day includes a dream/romantic date and/or gifts of flowers and chocolates, and fat flying babies circling your head and shooting arrows. I'm off to brush through my fly-aways and make sure the boys are clothed and have run a toothbrush across their teeth before dashing out the door to work...

And, just in time for Valentine's Day, Addictive Reads Escape into Romance is only $.99 in all formats, available at Smashwords. Escape Into Romance with the Addictive Reads 11-author / 11-book / 2,000+ page contemporary box set, a $27.28 value, most written by best-selling and award-winning authors. Join our lovers as they overcome adversity and, through the power of love, find their happily ever after.