Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stock up on summertime reads

Addictive Summer Reads Event includes more than $100 in prizes: One $50 Visa Gift Card, one $15 Amazon Gift Card, 5 $10 Amazon Gift Cards:

Do you love reading? I sure do. And it seems like I can’t ever have enough books on hand to read.

I've been stocking up on books to read since… oh, since I was in grade school… but I'm of the mindset that you can never have too few books waiting to be read. I'm not ashamed to admit that book hoarding runs in my family. My mother has a chest brimming with books-to-be-read in her bedroom (it used to be her mother's hope chest and now it's a book chest) and another shelf in her spare room. My grandparents had a bookshelf filled with paperbacks on their outdoor patio – perhaps not the most ideal storage place for a library, but it worked for them. My mom has passed hundreds of books from my childhood back to me to enjoyed by my own children, and they fill a few shelves and boxes in my house. My own paper books-to-be-read teeter in stacks inside what used to be a television stand that now rests beside my bed – a makeshift nightstand. And of course my e-book collection is ever-growing. I'm book-rich… and I keep acquiring more reads.

Have a similar addiction? Then you're in luck. Us Addictive Reads authors are running a summertime sale over the weekend. Stock up on some great reads and get addicted to some fabulous authors. Here are the sale details: And while you're checking out books to read, enter the contest to win some of the fantastic prizes, including a $50 Visa Gift Card or one of six Amazon gift cards!