Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apology from Aruba

I'm writing today to express an apology from Aruba. No, I'm not in Aruba, but that's where my mind is! As a Christmas present, my family was given a trip to Aruba, and we enjoyed spending New Year's on the warm, breezy island. (That's me and my husband, enjoying the national park and the rugged, rocky shore.)

We snorkeled, relaxed beside the bright blue waters, took a rugged tour of the island's undeveloped side, ate the best fish dish I've ever tasted, zipped down waterslides, feed food to iguanas, soaked in the culture (fireworks = "klap" in Aruba), went parasailing, saw a double rainbow in vivid colors...

And now I'm bustling to catch up and finish another draft of my novel before our new puppy arrives... NEXT WEEK!

Please forgive me for not being as active on my blog or social media sites as I'd like! I'll be sure to post puppy photos soon.

Like the blog says, cozy mysteries *crazy* life!

Oh, and "bon ana," a little late!

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  1. No need to apologize. Life happens. Like the OBX shirt! Outside of my home, I've spent more time there than any other place on earth. In fact, my next novel was inspired by the place.