Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to the jungle

Sometimes life gets away from you. Or certain aspects of your life. At least, this has been my experience.

I can focus so much on one aspect of my life while completely turning my back on another aspect of my life. And then I open my eyes one morning and realize the part of my life I've neglected has been overcome with weeds.

In this particular case, literally.

Exhibit 1: The Jungle

Before weeding!

While working on recent books and promoting the books, spending time with the family, at church, writing for the paper, keeping up with dishes/laundry/grocery shopping, and (let's face it) spending too much time on Facebook, I completely neglected the "natural areas" of my yard. In our family, my husband's job is maintaining the lawn while my realm encompasses the natural areas. I didn't bother to worry about my yard responsibilities for an entire season. But I knew the time for my avoidance had ended when my 3YO son began referring to the backyard as the jungle. Instead of saying he was going outside to play, he began saying he was going to go play in the jungle. Cute as that reference was, the object of his reference was a bit overwhelming. (That's my son, disappearing into the jungle.)

Exhibit 2: The Jungle, clear cut

After weeding! Now, who wants to help me spread mulch?
So I finally got off my fanny and away from the internet, and after a few mornings spent in the dirt, I cleaned up the jungle... most of it, anyway. And for now, at least, because you know the weeds will be returning. What a difference a good weeding makes!

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