Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Johnny Appleseed in an orange peel

You know someone is affecting you when random sights or experiences in your life remind you of them. These sights or experiences include everything from a butterfly reminding my mom of a relative to people seeing Jesus or Mary in mashed potatoes or clouds.

My son recently saw Johnny Appleseed in an orange peel. Seriously.

He comes dashing into the room: "Mom! Mom! Come quick! My orange peel looks like Johnny Appleseed! Come see it!"

But I actually did see it - and took a photograph of the American legend in orange-peel form. Do you see Johnny Appelseed in the orange peel? My son believes in the version that wears a pot on his head for a hat.

What's amazing to me is, while other people are seeing Jesus and Mary, my son is seeing a character from a book he read a year ago. Maybe that's how you know when you've run across a compelling character - when you begin seeing his face in your orange peels!

While most anyone can look at the clouds and say what they see - a dragon, a dog, Uncle Scott with his crazy hair - have you ever seen a person or character in an object when you weren't looking for it?

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