Monday, September 17, 2012

He said he wanted a flounder cake

...and that's what I made. My oldest son's birthday was this weekend, and we held a small party at our house, complete with a flounder cake.

Most of my son's friends seem to have parties that fall on the extravagant side. It's been years since we've been invited to a party at another friend's house; the parties typically are at a destination. And, while fun, the price of the destination parities to me is extraordinary. I'm a frugal kind of gal, and, frugally speaking, I've got certain guidelines for holidays and celebrations in my family. 

Birthday cakes are homemade. And I'm no fancy-shmancy cook, as evidenced by the cake photo, which looked odd and maybe more like a piranha than a flounder but tasted just fine. I enjoy making the cakes myself... and they're a lot easier on the wallet.

Birthday parties are at home... unless you don't want any presents. I offered my son a choice. He could have us pay for the $100+ birthday party at the destination (he likes those gymnasium places with the inflatable bounce houses and slides). We'd pay for the party and have that be his birthday presents and part of his Christmas presents... or we could hold a small party at our house and purchase some other presents for him. (He chose the birthday party at home with presents and the homemade cake.)

And now I'm recovering from the post-cake sugar and extra frosting rollercoaster ride. Small price to pay, considering what sheet cake sells for these days!

What's your idea of a rockin' birthday party?


  1. Nice cake, Tamara! Homemade at home is the best kind! Happy belated birthday to your son.

    I did a Scooby Doo cake once. Loved it. And then there was the time my daughter asked for a dinosaur cake. I did a double decker square cake, but didn't flatten the bottom, so it cracked in half. We just said there was a big 'earth shake' and that's how the dinosaurs died. It worked. :) (remember The Land Before Time movies?)

  2. Ruh roh! Sorry to hear about the dino cake, but I'm glad it worked out, and the Scooby Doo cake sounds like a lot of fun.