Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring fever!

I turned around and realized we're in April! The world suddenly is full of green green green! Last week, I got to speak to students at an early college high school about writing and to members of a couple book clubs near the coast. Driving down the highway, multiple times I marveled at the trees that displayed so many different fresh green colors. So instead of writing blog posts, please forgive me, I've been enjoying the beautiful fresh spring sights and the gorgeous sunshine. I also took some photographs of backyard spring sights to share...

The first bluebird to occupy this house! 
Bluebird closeup!

Dogwood tree in bloom!

This frog  has been hanging out here for 2 weeks!

"I promise not to stomp on him."


  1. I love the frog! It's not that green where I live yet, but it's definitely coming early this year!

  2. The frog was cute. It finally decided to hop away, I believe, as it no longer is resting inside our window. I hope you have a beautiful spring this year!