Monday, April 30, 2012

From hatchling to bird

Thanks to a friend of my husband's, our backyard has a new bluebird house. It's the second one; our first we erected when we first moved in. Years ago, it hosted bluebird family after family, but then a baby bird died in the box; it's foot became stuck in between wood pieces, and the bird's blood soaked into the wood. Despite cleaning out the box, since then, no bluebirds have nested in that house.

So this year, we put in a new house built by a friend. And we have our first bluebird family! It's been such a pleasure to watch the parents first building the nest, then attacking squirrels who venture too close, and now constantly feeding the babies. A couple weeks ago, the eggs hatched. As busy as I think I am, it's nothing compared to those bluebird parents constantly darting to and from the bluebird house with worms dangling from their beaks. Now I see little bird heads poking out of the hole and looking around, perhaps wondering if they are ready yet to fly like their parents.

I'm hoping to see those first flutters, hoping to catch the young birds learning to fly. I've always thought, if I could be any animal, I'd want to be a bird - maybe not a bluebird - and I fondly remember the time I splurged and went skydiving. The cool air on my face, the ground steadily approaching - I didn't feel like I was falling, at least not until the parachute deployed and we neared the ground.

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