Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Camping with my Kindle

I've been out of touch lately... really out of touch... as in unconnected out of touch. I came back from a few days of vacation with more than 160 new emails! Yikes!

My family went camping at a state park and met some really friendly deer. The highlight of the vacation for me was a walk along a wooded trail. The sun shined through the spring leaves, transforming their green colors.

I think my boys enjoyed the campfire and marshmallows the most. And, while my husband didn't partake of the marshmallows, he also took pride in the campfire. When we camp, and often at home, he's in charge of the meals. He grilled chicken and burgers, as well as vegetables. What is it about a charcoal grilled meal after a long day of hiking? Yum!

While not having access to Wi-Fi (enjoyably) disconnected me from everything else, I still brought along my wubbie - I mean, my Kindle - and finished up a couple books beside the campfire.

On the way to the campsite, my family visited the zoo. The lemurs particularly amazed me - how quickly and gracefully they bounded from branch to rock to branch.

And now I'm back and reconnected. Emails are checked and life is returning to normal. Normal except for discovering an engorged tick poking out of my skin this morning. Ick.

Every once in a while, a vacation from cyberspace is a marvelous thing.

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