Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mommy tears at the kiddie party

It wasn’t my party, I barely even knew the kid who was turning 6, but I was crying. Okay, I was not sobbing; no tear tracks stained my cheeks with mascara (not that I wear mascara) – but my eyes were watering in the middle of a warehouse filled with two- and three-story-tall air-filled structures. The bounce cages, the elongated nearly vertical slide, the “Spider Tower” with web-like rope obstacles children climb to reach the top, the basketball bounce courts – sure, these were awe-inspiring, but nothing get teary over.

What got me was the look of pure, innocent happiness on the face of the birthday boy, some six-year-old with big eyes and a gap-toothed grin and ears that popped away from his head like handles on a tea cup. His expression of overwhelming joy was beautiful. It just struck me, and I’m not sure why exactly my eyes teared up – maybe it was for something close to the same reason I get all watery on Christmas Eve, remembering feeling those moments of untainted happiness, before I knew of the sorrows and heaviness this life, we humans, can bring.

Okay, I’m getting way too philosophical here! I just wanted to share this moment, to try and capture even a poor reflection of what I experienced, of what I saw in that boy’s wide eyes. It was beyond words. It was beautiful.

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