Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The men of my dreams

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! It's 9 a.m., and so far, I've had a day filled with *sigh* love from all the men/boys in my life. I hope your day and life is overflowing with love, also.

Once, years and years ago, when I was in college, I received Valentine's Day gifts from three different fellows! Um, yikes! Not good. Today, I also received gifts from three different fellows. But since they're my husband and two sons, this time I don't feel guilty at all (but I'll probably feel guilty later tonight as I think back on all the chocolate I will have consumed)!

As a writer of fiction, I make up characters. And men. There's Daniel (the alluring lead investigator) in the Jonie Waters mystery series, along with Patrick (who looks at Jonie with puppy-like love and affection) and Jonie's high school sweetheart/coworker, also. Then there's the men in the new series I'm working on - an ex-fiance who refuses to move on, another alluring detective, and a wealthy playboy with long, golden-orange eyelashes!

Sometimes, I feel guilty... almost unfaithful... writing these love interests because I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. I know it sounds sappy, but today is Valentine's Day. And if there's ever a day for over-the-top mushiness, it's today! So here it goes: I love my wonderful husband, and no character I could ever create in the fictional world could trump the love I feel for him! I could never "write" my husband or cram who he is and what he means to me into a character on the page.

And since the header of this blog entry speaks about the "men" of my dreams, I've got to mention  my two sweet sons.

I love writing, and I'm glad I'm passionate about the craft. But I'm very thankful that the love I'm surrounded with by the men in my life surpasses the momentary enjoyment I get from the men in the pages I write.

I hope you can say the same about the love in your life. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That's a sweet post, Tamara! I know your dilemma exactly! I have my wonderful husband and two great little guys at home, but then I retreat into my head to create heroes for my novels. It is fun, though, to create the perfect love for our heroines- so they can be as happy as we are! Happy V Day!

  2. No matter the "hero" in our books and minds, nothing ever replaces the one's in our heart. Besides, I rather doubt most people would want to read about what makes our men so special - the funny things they do to make us laugh, they way they really look in the morning, the dumb jokes and ill-timed witty responses. Happy Valentines Day!

  3. You're both right on, Olivia and Shiloh!