Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter blues

Every year, the cold, overcast weather and general lack of sunshine make me proclaim that I want to move to Florida. I tire of fighting my husband for the covers at night, our nocturnal tug of war, and my fingers seem to be perpetually frozen. And I’m not even living in a state known for its hard winters! North Carolina winters generally are mild, especially in the piedmont, where a snap of cold weather often is chased by a few days of sunshine.

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To fight my winter funk, I zone out with feel-good movies, longtime favorites I’ve already watched so many times, and the old standby: chocolate. Hot cocoa especially. My favorite is Abulita, made by Nestle. It’s Mexican hot cocoa and has a dash of cinnamon in it. I’ve only seen it come in huge chunks of chocolate I melt in a pan with milk on the stovetop. And I suppose I also escape in my writing. Of course, there’s always that dream of moving to Florida…

What are you doing to keep warm this winter?


  1. Hey Tamara! I just read Storm Surge this weekend, and loved it! I'm so proud of you!
    I love Abuelita too...we should have some together and let the boys play :)

  2. Hey! :D Great to hear from you! Thanks. I'm glad you loved the read. Yes, we need to get together. I bet your baby is doing amazing things by now (walking, talking, doing multiplication, etc.), just kidding. Phew, time goes so fast!