Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes, I’m reading it again.

"You’re reading that?” My husband asks, pointing at the novel I’ve read, and read, and read, over and over. “You’re reading that again?!"

Yes, I’m reading it again! And so what if he’s seen me more times than he can count in the course of our decade-long marriage holding that particular book. Of course I’m reading it again! See, he just doesn’t get it. (And sometimes I don’t, either.) But I have a handful of novels that I come to again and again. They’re not necessarily in the genre I write. But I love them. And sometimes I read them for inspiration, and sometimes I read them for writing instruction, and sometimes I read them for plain old pleasure. If I don’t have a new and exciting (and shiny) library novel to read… or if I don’t have some cable television episodes to catch up on while exercising… I’ll shimmy out one of my broken-spined novels from my bookshelf and read it… again!

(Just to name two books I’m not ashamed to admit I come back to time and time again: When Crickets Cry and Prayer for Owen Meany.)

But right now I am reading a novel (checked out from the library) on my Kindle! Admittedly, I've read it before. Some books are so delightful, they demand multiple readings. 

Which novels do you find yourself reading again and again? What do you think brings you back to these books?


  1. The only book I remember re-reading is Empire Falls because I'm always amazed at what a vivid picture Richard Russo paints of his characters.

  2. I don't think I've ever read a book by Russo! You've inspired me to check him out! I'm hoping I'll read That Old Cape Magic before the new year.