Thursday, December 22, 2011

Organizing the household clutter

I’ve got the itch: the itch to organize! I’m working through our house, one room at a time, and organizing absolutely everything: drawers, tabletops, bins, closets! 

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At least every year (and more frequently the older I get) the chaos drives me wild and I feel driven to organize! With a husband and two young sons, the stuff in our house quite frequently becomes out of sorts. Toys migrate from one room into another; kitchen utensils and lunch containers get shuffled; papers pile up in scrap piles scattered around the house. For a while, the buildup goes untouched. And then I snap and I feel like I must make my house once again look like a house!

When I was a girl, a couple times a year my mother would enter my bedroom (after she admonished me to clean it first) and, finding my bedroom clutter still unacceptable, would sweep everything off crowded dresser tops and dump everything out of jumbled drawers into one huge pile in the middle of my floor. She’d then leave me to put the mess away – this time where it belonged. Afterward, having rediscovered toys I’d forgotten and folded clothes neatly, I felt much more relaxed than before.

I get the same sense of peace after organizing the house now. Closets where miscellaneous bags and cleaning supplies and books have been dumped now are so neat I can actually find what I’m looking for! Clothes that no longer fit are donated or put away for a sale, leaving more space than before. Of course, within a few months, that space will be claimed once more by the clutter that inevitably seems to accumulate. But for the moment, I can release a sign of contentment!


  1. My dad used to do the same thing to me and it drove my mother crazy. I'm in the middle of cleaning out cupboards and dressers too. Hopefully I can start the new year nearly clutter free.

  2. Good luck, Ann! Hope you find some good forgotten stuff in the back corners. :)