Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making things pretty

I’ll admit to having certain talents. Making things pretty just ain't one of them.  Things I’d like to make pretty range from table settings to a room’s decor.

Take for instance the snack table at my Monday-morning Bible study. Every week, it’s another lady’s (or group of ladies’) turn to bring snacks for the other women in the Bible study. If left to my own devices, I’d have brought a box of donuts and some of the white paper plates I’ve stored beneath my kitchen table for such occaions. Have at it, ladies! Dig in! That’s my idea of a nice morning snack: simple, store-purchased (so I know it’s edible), cheap, and with easy clean-up. 

Well, this go-round, a sweet woman signed up with me. She’s one of those ladies that has a knack for making things pretty. She set me straight: I was instructed to bring (store-prepared) mini-muffins and sliced cantaloupe.  By the time I’d gotten to the study, she’d decked the table with not just one but two tablecloths, a centerpiece that matched the season, the table cloths, and the plates and napkins. She'd set out her homemade bread (two loaves), a bowl of chocolates, a bowl of gummy bears, and not just one but two pitchers of ice water. Man! The spread looked fantastic. Then she took my muffins out of the plastic grocery-store bin and placed them on another dish (that matched the tablecloth, etc.) and scooped out my cantaloupe, also. I’d also saved an unopened orange juice from a previous Bible study, so that was placed on the table as well. Voilà! Our table was beyond beautiful. It was like a color-coordinated cornucopia of good eating!

This woman made it all look so easy and fun. I don’t know why I can’t replicate her efforts and turn a plain fold-up table into a feast not just for the stomach, but also for the eyes. I have the feeling it’s the same way with my house décor. I like it, it feels cozy and fine… but in another woman’s hands, I’m certain it could be so much more fabulous.

Sometimes I think I’m just not gifted with the decorating skill. Or maybe I just never cultivated it (as a child I was too busy climbing trees and playing with the boys, Barbies, and my imaginary unicorn Pegasus, Sprite). For now, I’ve given up trying to make things look pretty. And that’s okay by me.

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