Monday, November 7, 2011

A week of solitude: YES!

My husband is going to be out of town for five straight nights! I’m getting excited!

On one hand, I’m truly going to miss him, for his company and presence, and for all the work he does around the house – parenting help, cleaning dishes and cooking – and the house does seem so quiet and (sometimes) eerily empty when he isn’t sleeping next to me at night. 

On the other hand, I can’t wait for him to leave! I get all this time to myself. It’s going to be me and my computer! The plans I’ve made involving 100% devotion to my writing after my children’s 7:30 bedtime! I’m going to whip my short story for the WG2E January Winter Wonderland e-book anthology into shape! And then, if all goes as planned, I’ll move on to working on developing characters for the other project I’m beginning! As my brother would say, it’s going to be ka-blam!

When my husband is around, he does give me time to write. He’ll sit in front of the television at night, and I’ll be in the other room, writing. But something about writing alone, without a nearby presence, really gets the gears whirring. Something about being alone, in a completely quiet house, is special and more conducive to writing.

(I wrote the above before my husband went out of town. The following is what happened while he was gone.)

I burned up the pages! Yes! Sometimes it's easy for me to write, and sometimes the writing simply doesn't flow, but for that five-night absence, I accomplished what I needed to: getting together a solid short story for the WG2E anthology.

Since my hubby came home, I've not written a stitch! (But that's going to change today.) I'd missed him and wanted to spend time with him Saturday night... and then yesterday, I was just plain being lazy. I blame it on being brain-fried from all the great writing I did when he was gone. ;) Excuses, excuses: excuses that will end as soon as I put my 2YO down for a nap!

Happy writing, all!

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