Friday, November 4, 2011

Jogging: peace, ideas… and exercise

I love jogging! As I write, I’m enjoying endorphins from a four-miler. When I jog, I’m free: no children I’m watching, no emails asking to be read, no obligations other than placing one foot in front of the other.

I notice details I wouldn’t have picked up driving by: the soft tuft of white of cottontail darting into shrubbery, the fragrance of gardenias, the stink of the port-a-potties, the relaxing soul music issuing from a parked SUV. My jogs are peaceful times when my mind can wander. Sometimes on my jogs, writing problems are solved or decisions are made. And sometimes my jog is just a matter of survival: making it over that next hill, through the heat or cold, back to my driveway. I’m a busy person, as most people are. But when I jog, I’m jogging, and there’s something about that purity of focus I enjoy.

How about you? Are you a jogger? Or do you, like my husband, think I’m crazy for loving running?

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