Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas card time… again?!

I opened my email the other day and received a message telling me it’s time to prepare photo greeting cards for Christmas... again! (Can you hear me groan?) As much as getting my act – I mean my family photo - together and addressing envelopes can be a pain, I always enjoy receiving Christmas cards from friends, especially when the card includes a photo. So in order to keep those cards coming, I’ve got to keep my cards going out!
I do it the easy way, through a photo center, digitally. My mom, on the other hand, takes it to the next level.

Instead of sticking in a photo into the pre-fabricated card design with the pre-penned standard greeting on it and printing a couple dozen, she cuts out real photos (at least five photos), glues them to a sheet of paper, pens in captions and greetings, and photo copies the pages. Sometimes, she even writes a page-long summation of family activities throughout the past year. And then she personalizes the cards with a message before inserting them in envelopes. The cards are fun to look at and read… but I sometimes wonder if this is merely because I’m a featured family member.

One year (more than a decade ago) I tried the lengthy summation ala Mom… and later I felt like I’d written something akin to one of the short stories that appears in Sedaris’ Holidays on Ice. Um, yikes. So I’m sticking with the photo-card, and maybe I’ll write a personalized one-liner on the back.

Would you like to get a card? Forward me your address! But you’ve got to promise to send me a card back… or else I’ll take you off the nice list!


  1. Oh... to forward me your address without posting it online for the whole world to see, send me an email at tamara.ward(at)rocketmail(dot)com.

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