Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween fun: rabid bunny attacks older bro

 Mom that I am, I just had to share these photos. They’re of my two boys, and the youngest is wearing a costume my mother herself sewed for me when I was age two… and saved for this very occasion (my child’s 2YO Halloween). It’s a very scary bunny costume with carpet-thick gray fur and huge bunny ears and a cotton tail wedgie. If not for the ears and cotton tail, my boy could pass for a rat. Of course, I find the costume and my son humorously adorable, as does his older bro, despite how the photo on the left may appear! Who wouldn’t want to wrestle a bunny-rat for Halloween?

Halloween in my NC neighborhood consists of massive amounts of children (and adults) completing a circuit of tightly spaced houses. With so many children, the streets practically shut down. It’s a huge party, with some houses partnering together; parents sit around an outdoor fire pit and let kids pick candy from a centralized bucket. At my house, we always run out of candy (because I’m not shelling out a whole bunch of money to buy candy I won’t be eating myself and because I’m saving some of that candy for myself for later)!

I’m half looking forward to and half dreading this Halloween. I’m thinking that I'll be enjoying the kids dressed up… but walking around both with a 6YO who wants to run the mile circuit and get all the candy AND with a 2YO who can be sluggish and will not want to run around all night… that will be the challenge!

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