Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cooking styles, revelations

There are too many cooks in my kitchen!

My husband is by far the primary chef in our family. Although I probably put together the most meals out of necessity, my husband is the creative cooker who tries new recipes. Like just this weekend, he made eggplant parmesan! I loved it; he did not. Last night? Baked chicken with corn and sticky rice.

We approach cooking in two different ways. I fling ingredients together, guessing how much butter I add to macaroni, tipping the salt shaker into the bowl, eyeballing measurements. Conversely, my husband methodically measures everything and patiently waits for the water to come to a full boil before adding the pasta. Usually, my canned vegetables boil before I take them off the burner. I mean, isn't that how you know the dish is done: when the pot boils over?

Naturally, my husband's dishes taste much better.

And, if we’re trying to cook different parts of the same meal at the same time, we argue. He’ll try to turn down the burner because, as always, I’m cooking too fast. I’ll tap my fingers irritably as I wait for him to finish painstakingly measuring some ingredient before moving away from the counter I’d claimed first.

Sometimes I wonder what our cooking styles say about ourselves, our more general personalities. Between my husband and myself, our cooking styles do seem like a microcosm of our wholes. But that's a good thing: he's great at research; I'm great at on-the-fly ideas. Together we're rounded!

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