Thursday, October 6, 2011

Consignment sale madness

When I was a new mom, I had no idea about consignment sales, and so I purchased (and was given) a ton of baby toys and supplies that were new (from a store!) and encased in shiny plastic. Then I learned about how many huge consignment sales are held in my county. 

I remember my first time walking in the doors of a huge warehouse filled with more baby and child clothing, toys, and equipment than I'd ever seen in one place before. I quickly learned I could purchase an entire season of like-new baby clothing for $40. 

So now I’m wiser. I find clothes that cost a fraction of the retail price. And I sell my children’s old clothes and equipment at these sales. Goodbye shiny plastic; hello money saved! My objective is to spend less buying new stuff than I rake in with my own sales. (I’m still struggling to master this concept!)

This weekend, I spent my time finishing applying tags to clothing and toys and rushed through what could have become a tearful goodbye to the best piece of baby equipment I ever owned: a pack-n-play. This miracle of inventive ingenuity folds up to fit in a compact container for carrying on the road. The pack-n-play was a bassinet, a changing table, a play pen, a toddler bed – and my ticket to five minutes of almost worry-free hot showering in the morning. (The kiddo was penned up and on his own while I enjoyed a few minutes of wake-up time.) As sentimental as I am saying goodbye to the pack-n-play, my children also are emotional about me selling toys they no longer play with. To confused cries of “Mine!” I packed away a toy house my youngest son used to enjoy but now seldom glances at.

Exciting and emotional times: getting rid of the old, unused equipment and finding steals on “new” needed clothing in bigger sizes.

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