Monday, August 1, 2011

A few of my favorite blogs

You know a blog is good when you get back from an unplugged vacation and find yourself ignoring pressing emails to check what’s been recently posted. Here the blogs I just couldn’t wait to read after I returned from the beach:

This mystery writer and mom always comes up with fantastic posts that deal with various aspects of writing – not just mystery writing. She’s also a terrific twitter-er. From her blog: “Author Elizabeth Spann Craig is a laptop wielding, mystery writing mom who metes out murder on the keyboard.”

Badluckdetective’s blog
This fantastic blog follows “Suzie Ivy” as, after a midlife crisis, she enrolls in the police academy and becomes an officer… and then a detective. Begin at the beginning of the blog and read through the entries from your computer chair if you can’t become a police officer yourself.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
Author Joe Konrath gives the lowdown on self-publishing. Entries can be long and detailed, and R-rated, but the info is invaluable.

The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing
“E-Publishing is here to stay. We’re here to provide answers to all your E-Publishing questions,” says the blog. I couldn’t state it better myself.

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