Monday, August 8, 2011

The agony of finding a title

If you’re looking for advice on choosing or discovering a title for your manuscript, read no further. I can offer you no advice. Tune in next week for a blog entry that hopefully will be more helpful to you, your craft, and your time.

I’m struggling to find a decent working title for my second novel. And it’s not just novels. I recently wrote a short short story, 200 words, and came up with the title “Acknowledgements.” But my two beta readers, both family readers and both non-literary readers, didn’t quite get the title. I loved the title! Now I’m thinking perhaps I should change it. Still, one of those beta readers suggested the title “Death Stinks” for my second novel. Sure, the suggestion was a joke, but I continue to flail, searching for a decent phrase. None jumps out at me. Isn’t there a hotline I can call for help?

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