Friday, May 13, 2011

In case you were wondering about the brownies

The poster advertising the event.
This week I truly had a great time talking with readers at the Holly Springs Library. I’m so grateful the library invited me to do a reading, and completely pleased at the turnout. I read from the first chapter of my novel, but the highlight for me was answering readers’ questions about writing and about my book.

And I was extremely relieved the brownies I baked for the event didn’t solidify into cement-textured blocks, as mine occasionally do. While baking, I typically lose track of time, forget my concoction is in the oven, and remember to remove it when the smell of a burning dessert permeates the house! (I do set my watch timer instead of the oven’s timer because I typically bake while my youngest son is napping, and I don’t want the timer to wake him up.) Nonetheless, my brownies were a success despite a few extra minutes in the oven, and a plateful even survived me and my family’s nibbling, making its way to the library event. (Can you hear my sigh of relief?)
A full room during the reading, great questions asked.  

How about you? Do you find your attempts at baking are thwarted by forgetting you’re cooking? What’s your favorite dessert that you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) making?

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