Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writing compliments

Now that my mystery novel has been published, reviews are coming in, and (so far) I’m always happy to hear readers’ thoughts. Praise from readers who are family members (thanks, mom and dad) or who are being paid to read the manuscript (thanks, Carolynn and Kerry) is wonderful. But I’m finding that hearing compliments from folks who actually paid to read my writing is a sweet experience.

One reader said she missed the television show she’d planned on watching because she was reading my book. I heard that another stayed up until 3 a.m. after buying Storm Surge (at about 7 p.m. earlier that night) – she stayed up reading until she finished my novel!

These comments are the ones that make my smile the widest. When writing the cozy mystery, I wanted readers to be hooked, for the action to keep them turning pages. And finding that my intentions were a success, that readers are missing their regularly scheduled programming and losing sleep to read my novel, that readers are enjoying Storm Surge as much as me – I’m pleasantly stunned, beamingly giddily!

How about you? What compliments make your heart sing with joy?


  1. I love your comment about the person choosing to read your book instead of watch tv. I haven't gotten that exact compliment, but when I hear from someone who has read something of mine and loved it, and this "someone" is not friend or family, it makes my day!

  2. BTW, Carolynn was a volunteer reader - Not Paid!! Her critique helped us (Peak City Publishing)select your book for the 2011 Peak Releases!!! So, you made a fan from the very beginning - and it was all you!!

  3. Scott, yes, when it's not a friend or family member, the compliment does seem especially sweet!

    Shiloh, I'm so thankful for Carolynn, and she really did have some good tips for the manuscript, like making Jonie more feminine, that I'm thinking about as I write book II!