Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book release party fun

My husband and me.
The book release party for Storm Surge April 15 couldn't have been more enjoyable. So many people attended the event - family, friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues, fellow writers and artists, my local librarians, folks I'd never met before. Thanks, everyone, who came to the event and made it such a special evening for me!

My publisher supplied TONS of delicious food and beverages. After prodding, I tried the mini-wieners. They were surprisingly tasty! (So I ate quite a few.) And then there were some very rich, chocolate-y brownie-muffins. I am now convinced that no book release party should ever be conducted without brownie-muffins!

The following day, a tornado smashed through Holly Springs, near where I lived. While my family was unaffected, the devastation just a few blocks away was very severe - trees through houses, windows blown out, ancient trees demolished. We lost power for a few days... otherwise I would have posted these photos sooner. Thank you, everyone, for coming out, and for buying the book! I hope you enjoy the read.

Action at All Booked Up on Salem Street during the Storm Surge release party.

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