Thursday, March 24, 2011

The windup

If I think I’ve been busy getting ready for the release of Storm Surge, I know my publisher has been super busy. The official release date is April 15. Getting ready for the release, my publisher has been working hard on:

A website for Storm Surge:
Not only do I think the website rocks, but it also has a nifty link to the site where you can pre-order the book.

A few press releases about the book:
Do You Like Stephanie Plum? Then You'll Love Jonie Waters
Some Things Are Worth Killing For

So, you’d think with all the hard work my publisher has been completing that I’d have loads of time to write book II. Wrong! We’ve had an awful virus running through our house. First it hit my husband, and then one of my sons, and then me… and we’re trying to get ready for our healthy son’s birthday party this weekend. Relatives coming to the house = disinfecting time! Ick.

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