Thursday, January 20, 2011

Slogging through

I’m finally through a writing slump. For a couple weeks around the holidays, but what seemed like a couple months, I wasn’t blocked, which I define as a period of inability to write anything. I was just incredibly slowly trying to get through this one scene. I’d turn on my computer and write a few sentences, and tweak a few other sentences and then – and then I’d just sit there. Maybe I’d write a few paragraphs on a good day. Finally, I ended up writing past whatever it was that obstructed my progress, the scene was completed, and I’m back on my typical pace. Phew!

Why I struggled through this one scene, I don’t know. Perhaps my ideas of what would happen in that scene were too vague and my brain wasn’t being creative enough to find a fast way through. Eventually I slogged through it, though I’ll have to come back to it eventually and do some serious rewriting. But I’m through, and the writing is going smoother, for now at least. Can you hear my sigh of relief?

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