Monday, August 30, 2010

Cronin's The Passage

I should have been writing... but I was reading. I could not put down Justin Cronin's The Passage. With an epic scope, humans battle those who have been infected with a virus and basically turned into -- dare I write the word -- vampires. Yes, okay, vampires. For those of you who have problems with science fiction, the premise of this book is not too far-fetched; give it a chance.

The Passage successfully pulls off an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it (yes, I like that song) setting without getting bogged down with descriptions. The plot line zips along, which surprised me as the narrative voice changes -- this usually irritates me. Instead, I found myself caring about multiple narrators and almost unable to put the book down (screaming children did take priority, at times).

It's a lengthy book (the term epic comes to mind, again) but well worth the investment because of the characters and action. What's more, Cronin's vampires haunted my dreams. Admittedly, I'm a marshmallow. Still, as writer Hallie Ephron says, you know you're reading a great novel "when you're up at three in the morning, unable to put it down. When you finally fall asleep, the characters go romping around in your dreams." Such was the case with The Passage. I love a good read.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On your mark, get set...!

As a writer, naturally, I love to read. And, as you are a visitor to my blog, I hope you love to read, also, especially my soon-to-be published murder mystery, Storm Surge. I only just signed the contract, but cannot wait for readers to pick up the published book. Currently, I'm spending more time learning Facebook, setting up this blog, and planning for the release of the book than I am writing and reading. But, I am eager to return to my natural writer's habitat, which involves a stack of books nearby to enjoy when I'm not typing up pages with mesmerizing prose so quickly my fingertips burn. Ah, if it always was so...