Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is it me, or is it my reading selections?

The last four fiction reads I've taken up, I've put down unfinished. Life is too short to read novels that don't keep you hooked.

The last fiction book I finished (and enjoyed) was Lipstick Jungle, which was a read for my neighborhood book club and one I was unsure I'd enjoy. I ended up being grabbed from the get-go, and surprised because I typically don't relish character-driven novels, or novels told by multiple characters (I usually become too attached to one character and bored with another character's storyline). Lipstick Jungle pulled off its narration and incorporated enough suspense (in part due to my attachment with all the main characters) to keep me turning pages. I thought, "Aha! So this is what the hype is about," as I understand the novel to be the precursor to Sex and the City, which I've never seen on television. Thinking the later novel would follow in Lipstick Jungle's footsteps, I picked it up. I had put it down by page 70; I was not interested in reading further!

Then I tried to read a mystery novel about a journalist wrongly accused of murder. (What can I say; the general premise sounded similar to my own, and I wanted to see where another author went with it.) I put this one down due to lack of connection with the main character and even boredom with lack of plot action, but I at least read the last 10 pages.

My last two reads were new YA fantasy releases by authors whose former works I've enjoyed--one so much so that I actually bought my own copy of the book after I read the library's book. (I'm a library book addict.) But, these new releases just didn't captivate me. Again, I either wasn't attached to the characters or the plot didn't move quickly enough, or the fantasy world or dilemma was not explained quickly enough for me and I got frustrated.

Or maybe it's just me.

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