Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pins and needles, and red ink

Since turning in the final draft of my novel to my publisher, I’ve been waiting (and waiting) to hear back from my publisher’s editor. Not that it’s taken the editor an extreme amount of time by any stretch to get back with me – I simply am anxious to hear her feedback and suggestions. Every time I opened my email, I was hoping I’d see an email from her… and, finally, earlier this week, that email came. She says the feedback is coming, and soon. Within the week. (Gulp!)

Now, I’m thinking about the saying, “what goes around comes around,” and how that saying often is dead-on, and how I’ve edited other folks’ work, sometimes to the point the red ink drips off the page. I’m thinking about the big problems I’ve noticed in other folks’ work and wondering if the editor will find big problems I’ll need to fix in my novel. Will I be willing to make her corrections; will I be open to her suggestions? (I hope so, and I think so, but the very sentiment that makes waiting for the edits so painstaking also might make accepting the suggested edits also painful!) If the edits make sense, I don’t think any problems will occur. But then again, who said I ever listened to common sense?

I continue waiting (somewhat patiently) to hear from the editor. Until then, I’ll keep working on the second book in the series!

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