Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm zapped.

I've not posted recently because I've been working nonstop on edits to my manuscript. Finally, after days and days of hard, intense work, and countless cups of coffee, I've returned the edits to my wonderful editor, who was more gracious and patient and kind than I ever expected.

In the meantime, other work has stacked up, undone. So, I'm still playing catch-up with my freelance writing job, as well as with the insane amount of housework that I pushed aside to complete the manuscript. And I'm not going to mention how many books I have checked out from the library, which are waiting for me, calling my name. And with preschool in full swing and a toddler running and climbing and trying to dig through the trash can and empty the dishwasher... between all that, I'm zapped!

Zapped but happy. And anxious to write more.

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